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My overall goal as a therapist is that each person seeking my services feel heard, respected, and helped by me.

My approach to therapy is to build a strong relationship with each client so that a spirit of mutually respectful, honest communication can develop. This allows for collaboration regarding treatment options and goals, pacing treatment, and interacting in general in a way that feels authentic and secure.

I also draw heavily on each client's unique strengths. I focus on strengths, gifts, and talents because our awareness of these qualities in ourselves tends to diminish when we recover from trauma(s), experience crisis or distress, feel overwhelmed by change, or feel we cannot solve an important problem or resolve conflict. It can be very helpful in these times to focus on that which we know and the things we are doing that are working or have worked well for us in the past. In fact, the first phase of therapy with many of my clients involves identifying and increasing the power and frequency of doing what works while adding some additional skills and resources.

In addition to focusing on the therapeutic relationship and client strengths, my approach to therapy is informed by the unique characteristics of the client, my intuitive understanding, and my knowledge of the research regarding the efficacy of treatments. There is no 'one size fits all' in therapy and, on the other hand, there are specific treatments that have been researched and shown to reduce or alleviate painful symptoms associated with specific conditions. When a specific treatment is indicated my approach is to adapt effective treatment to meet the unique needs and circumstances of the client.

Individuals come to therapy for a variety of reasons and not all individuals have a specific area of concern. For instance, I have helped those seeking more
fulfillment in life in general as well as those suffering from an overall lack of a sense of belonging. I enjoy working with a diversity of clients and if I find that I am unable to provide services to an individual I arrange an appropriate referral (if desired).

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